artificial bait

Tricks Using Artificial / Lure / Minnow Baits

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Bait made by Minnow models, Soft lure, soft froggy, hard froggy, spoon, inline spinner, spinnerbait, and buzz bait now it is considered by some anglers/caster to have the potential to obtain target fish.

The shape is flexible, the ability and speed and action when in the water to the ability to adapt to anglers who use trolling and casting techniques.

Fishing techniques by using minnow both trolling and casting are indeed very necessary to always be creative in moving this artificial bait, also must be observant of the ability of the devices used.

artificial bait

Artificial Bait Tips and Tricks

Here are some ways and tricks to use artificial bait:

  1. The use of both mono and steel wire leaders. must adjust the type and size of the target hunted fish, because this will affect the artificial bait action.
  2. Use a swivel snap link between the leader and minnow so that the movement looks more flexible.
  3. Use a light device/light tackle so that the minnow moves more agile action.
  4. Use the Minnow type floating type when encountering spots with a high difficulty level.
  5. Fishing with trolling techniques when the sea is choppy, position the repala bait near the boat and if the sea is the calm place it until it reaches a distance of 50 mt from the ship.
  6. In cold weather use minnow type sinking/diving/suspend the possibility of fish being underwater. pull and roll at slower speeds.
  7. If you want to change the treble hook, double hook, single hook, adjust it with the minnow, because this will affect the action of a lure.
  8. If the fish doesn’t catch its artificial bait, change its speed or change its retention with various styles of panic fish movement, stretching to run fast or be quiet for a moment.
  9. Do not use defective lure/minnow because it can also affect the lure maneuver of the output.
  10. Take a peek at the position of the ring upfront minnow who should be in a position parallel to the ring of the tail.
  11. When using metal-tipped minnow, you can bend it to change it so that it’s immersed,
  12. Note the action minnow, if you tend to turn continuously to the right or left, then bend the ring on the face of the minnow in the opposite direction.
  13. after making modifications on the lure, it should be tested first whether it is in accordance with what we want.
  14. Always pay attention to the sharpness of the hook, it’s good before you use it in sharpening first.

Hopefully, this short trick can help.

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