Spinning Reel Maintenance Tips

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Maintaining reel sometimes can be tricky. that’s why we need to do it carefully. the reel can be more durable if it treated well. in order to make your reel working fine and free from trouble.

So now I’ll show you ho to maintain reel correctly. this is the step to maintain the reel properly.


  1. Tighten drag knob and rinse under low-pressure tap water in the upright position.
Maintaining reel 1
  1. Rotate spool and rinse for 15-20 seconds.
maintaining reel 2
  1. Use a toothbrush to brush handle area, line roller area, and drag knob.
maintaining reel 3
  1. Spin reel in fast rotation to channel excess water out.
maintaining reel 4
  1. Use a dry cloth to wipe down the reel exterior.
maintaining reel 5
  1. Use an air duster to spray difficult access area/joints to clear off excess water.
maintaining reel 6
  1. Remove drag knob and wipe off excessive water on the spool and rotor area.
maintaining reel 7
  1. Screw back drag knob and leave it in a dry and cool place.


  • Remove line after deep-sea fishing to wash down spool or if intending to keep for long time storage.
  • Avoid placing your reel on boat side rod holders when the boat is traveling to prevent splashes of seawater.
  • Put 1-2 drops of oil on main shaft/line roller/handle knob bearings/drive gear bearings and screws after 2-3 times usage.
  • Send for servicing every 6 months if the reel is being used frequently.


  • Rinse your reel when the drag knob is loose.
  • Remove handle when washing.

I think that’s all about how to maintain your fishing reel properly. hope this article helps you to prevent make mistakes and extend your reel durability.

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